Saturday, September 6, 2008

Second Wind

Today turned out to be absolutely awesome. I was able to go back to bed and sleep. Didn't hit the trails until late morning and I ended up riding for three straight hours with only one brief five minute stop to call Patti and return a call from Grasshopper to inform me of tomorrow's plans.

Last night I switched out the saddles on my Monocog and Stumpjumper. The WTB Rocket V on the Flight is a much more comfortable saddle and it looks really good on the Stumpjumper. Guess I'll be getting a new one for the Flight in the not too distant future.

About half way into hour three I met up with Bob. He was actually riding his Trek. I was somewhat shocked since all he has been tinkering with and tweaking has been the Monocog Flight. I felt good all day today and I'm hoping for much of the same tomorrow. Then the bike gets cleaned and set up for next Saturday. If I do any riding during the week it be on the Monocog or the old Specialized ss.

Starving and need to eat big time. I smell pasta in my future for this evening.

As for tomorrow....well, I would like to get another three hours in if possible. Much depends on my recovery from today's ride. Those recovery times seem to take a bit longer these days.

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