Sunday, September 28, 2008

Four Cyclists Down in the Past Month

This is quite a disturbing statistic. One that gives me a great sense of unease when I think about the route I intend to take on my commute into school. Another biker was killed this weekend here in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, this one in St. Paul. I'm sure about all of the details, but it appears from the article that the person driving the vehicle never saw this woman. All of a sudden there she was. Hmmmmm, makes me wonder about how attentive this driver was being. Also, how aware was the biker of this vehicle. When I see a vehicle at a stop sign I NEVER make the assumption that the driver sees me.

I'm certainly having reservations about commuting to work especially at 5:30 in the morning on a non-biker friendly route. No matter how visible we make ourselves there are just too many motorist out there who don't pay attention. Saving the planet or a few bucks in the wallet is suddenly seeming to be not worth the risk.

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