Sunday, September 28, 2008

Happy Anniversary

We went out to celebrate my brother Jeff and his wife Michelle's anniversary. Dinner and wine at Buca di Beppo. My sister Gina also joined us. Too much, pasta and chianti for me.

The Grizz & his bride

I had to check out the kitchen

Of course we were joined by many other celebrities. These posters were on the ceiling in our dining area.

La Familia


I had dessert after arriving at home, but forgot to put the package back into the freezer. This is what I found in the morning. Melted "Low Fat Skinny Cow". We had a good deal of fun and a lot of laughs.


Kenny said...

Gina is still the best looking Vitale! Where did your brother get all the hair??

Vito said...

I always told him that he was left at our front door and we felt bad and took him in.

He's never been able to get over that. I guess I'm not a very good big bro.

Vito said...

Kenny, i on the end of that name. We one of the few "Vitali" families that kept the original spelling going through immigration.