Saturday, September 20, 2008

Last Days of Summer

An awesome day today! Hit the Elm Creek trails for about 30 miles of riding on the single speed. There is great joy in Mudville despite spending part of the ride a bit disoriented and confused.

I changed the gearing and today ran a 32/20 set up. My name is not Bob and I can't ride a 36/16 on a 29er like him. I'm only human after all.

Wednesday Patti and I did twenty miles. The old Hard Rock 26" ss is a blast to ride. I threw in hill accelerations throughout the entire ride just to make it interesting. Patti was with me and she thought it was all kind of crazy. Especially the whole single speed thing.

Thoughts of selling my Stumpjumper and getting another 29er have entered my mind recently. I think I may be ill.


grasshopper said...

are you ok I didnt see you bike in any shots.
do you miss me?

Vito said...

Look closer! Miss you? Should I be missing you?

Oh, work on your grammar young man.