Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sunday Ramblings

I awoke at about 5:45 this morning to get ready for a road ride with Fair Weather Kenny. Today would prove to be one of his kind of days. It was absolutely gorgeous out and Sunday morning rides like this won't last much longer. There will still be Sunday morning rides, but with many more layers on. I ended with 49.95 miles at the garage door. This called for a quick trip to the end of the street and back.

We had a great ride with some good conversation along with a few laughs. Too bad Matt had to teach his Sunday morning spin class and Bob was Iowa coaching his soccer team. It would have been fun to have them along. We stopped at the Fletcher Church for a photo op. After all, it is Sunday. I definitely felt yesterday's mtn. bike ride.

After the ride was done I spent a couple of hours doing yard work and just thinking. This is not a good thing because my mind does not behave normally sometimes.

First were thoughts of the past summer. Despite time missed riding because of various anatomical issues it was certainly a great summer for riding. Wish I would have done more group rides. Could have helped me at Chequamegon.

Am I a roadie or dirt worshiper? Dirt worshiper by far, but I do like riding the roads.

Surly Cross Check...nice bike. Especially in black.

Bikes...sell the Stumpjumper and get a Niner One 9 or a El Mariachi ss. Then convert the Monocog to a one x nine.

More mountain bike riding next year! Maybe a trip west. Fruita?????

Arrowhead 135 has re-entered my thinking after Kenny and I discussed Pugsley and he of course mentioned the race and me wanting to do it. Could I do with the 26" ss? Not sure if that would be the best choice of equipment.

Can I justify 2000+ dollars on a Pugsley. If I lived up on the North Shore or back in Chisholm I would sell a couple of my other bikes and definitely have a Pugsley.
My wife during our Wednesday evening ride. She is the best. She puts up with me and deserves more credit. I really do love her.

I should be doing school work today, but it's 80 degrees out and when this is done I'm heading back outside.

Winky gave us about 8 individual packets of test data on our students. When the hell am I going to take the time to look at all of that. There already isn't enough time to plan during the school day. I don't even know why they call it prep time because we always end up doing other things during this time. Such as calling parents, counting fund raiser money, filling out other meaningless paper work. I have a bag full of papers that needs correcting....maybe tonight.
Sorry Winky! Don't take offense.

My colleagues are the best and I'm very lucky to work with such good people.

I left my single speed 29er with all of yesterday's mud on it. It's going to stay that way for awhile, because it is forecast to be a wet week. I NEVER leave a bike to sit dirty. It's just not right. I have a picture to prove it is not clean.
My neighbor is the most anal home owner on the planet. Sometimes I think he doesn't like me because he is always doing yard work or working on this house while I'm out riding or hiking or having some other type of fun. Too bad for him. I'm going to sit outside this afternoon and enjoy a cold beer or two on my deck. I should sit in a lawn chair out front and watch him. What is he doing? He is cleaning and putting away all of his deck furniture, which they never used all summer long anyway. His garage floor is epoxy finished and painted. He has little strips of carpeting that he parks the vehicles on. What the hell is wrong here? Maybe I'm just jealous. My neighbors are nice, but they need to get lives instead of sitting out in their driveways checking to see what each other is doing.
Hell, maybe I'm just lazy, but our yard looks pretty damn good. This was the backyard after I finished the work today.

Time to hit the shower and then the deck for a couple of these.

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