Sunday, October 26, 2008

Honey...I Have a Problem

Today was not the best of days to be out on the mountain bike. I could have been far more productive getting some projects done here at home. Instead, against the advice of my wife I decided I should go trail riding at Elm Creek.
The weather...30+ mph winds, rain, snow, 35 degrees with a 28 degree windchill. I noticed there was nobody else at the park today besides myself and a trail runner who looked somewhat surprised to see me out there on the bike. Either that, or she was comforted by the the fact that she is was not the only mentally irregular person out enjoying the weather. Even Bella, our dog, gave me peculiar looks when I was getting ready to go.

I stayed warm and dry, but the conditions were not very conducive to making for an enjoyable ride. Needless to say, I tried to make the best of it and the music on the iPod helped make the situation a bit more pleasant. I rode for about 2 hours and covered approximately 22 miles.
The bike and myself were both a mess. I went to the health club to stretch, sauna (to warm up), and shower. Upon getting home I cleaned the bike off and now it's time to wash all the mud out of my rain gear and cook dinner for Patti and I.

Menu...brazed sirloin tips, brown rice, mixed green salad, and Cycles Gladiator wine. Ahhhh! good stuff.

After dinner it's packing and firming up plans for camp the next three days.


Ali B. said...

eagerly awaiting camp report.. geez ... straight from camp to Halloween. You are going to need THIS weekend..

Judi said...

Cold sucks! Love the pic of Bella.