Saturday, October 25, 2008

Night Riding

The day started with a 45 minute run. The red Specialized will not be out much until spring. It's all about the mountain bikes now. The run was followed up by a day spent in the yard. Taking care of the leaves, grass, and flower beds. Winter is coming!

This evening, I rode Elm Creek for two hours. The original "3 Amigos" rode the park in the daylight hours. I chose to decline in order to finish what I had started at home.

It was fantastic! During the ride I saw many deer who looked at me with curiosity. Also, saw one coyote and heard some owls. Very good stuff.

The cross country ski trails were lit up tonight. It won't be long until these become groomed ski trails.

The Topeak Moonshine (on helmet) and Nite Rider work wonderfully well tonight. I really love the set up. The battery pack for the helmet light slips into my middle jersey pocket and is out of way. The Nite Rider handlebar light is super bright and installs in minutes. I love it!

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