Sunday, October 5, 2008

Rainy Sunday Ride

My day started with a text from Madonna (not da famous one). We were planning on mtn. biking today at Elm Creek Park. I told her if it was raining that I wouldn't go and I would do an urban trail ride instead. Her text asked, "Is it raining out?" Of course I'm wondering to myself, "Doesn't she have any windows?" Why the hell is she getting me up at 6:30 in the morning to ask me if it's raining out?

Anyway, it was raining. I sent a text to Kenny telling him to stay in bed and snuggle with his beautiful wife. After all, that was my plan for the morning. With my wife of course. Kenny had other ideas however. Ideas of the "SF" variety. He went riding and made it not very far before it really started pouring out. He sent me a message that basically stated..."8 miles, dripping wet, and very cold." That's why I check the weather radar on mornings like this. Fair Weather Kenny should have listened to the voice of wisdom.

Later in the morning, after the heavier rains subsided, I decided that it was time for my urban tour. Actually, it was more of a suburban tour. Fair Weather Kenny gave me crap for going out and asked me if I was trying to outdo his "SF" maneuver from earlier in the morning.

I left the house at about 10:30 in a light drizzle. It was actually pretty nice. It made me think of days as a distance runner and doing those long 12-15 milers in similar weather. Those were my favorite days for those long slow distance runs.

Three hours later I was at home. The parks I rode through were showing their colors and was a very relaxing ride. Along the I saw about a half dozen large groups of American Coots, like the ones pictured above, scattered about on Medicine Lake, Parker Lake, and Eagle Lake. It is definitely Autumn and I love it.

Hiking is now beginning to occupy my mind.

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Kenny said...

Yep, you out SF'd me! I should have waited a couple more hours and then rode. I spent more time cleaning the Luna then pedaling it!