Sunday, November 23, 2008


Wouldn't this be beautiful with a little white stuff?

Sunday's are often good to me and this one was another satisfying day. Today, to celebrate being done with grades and report cards, I rode for just over two hours and logged 31.6 miles on the old single-speed "Hardrock". She is ready for some "SNOW" and so is Vito. I can hardly wait to get out and ride in the snow again. Local lakes and ponds are beginning their long winter hibernation, but won't be safe for riding or anything else for some time yet. Also, I won't head out onto the lakes until the studded tires on my bike. I took far too many hard sliders on the ice last winter.

I felt really strong today and rode rather hard the entire time. Only stopping once for a photo opportunity. This was a good way to cap off a weekend of running, spinning, riding, and of course working on report cards and preparing for conferences.

Now, I need to get back outside and finish putting up the holiday lights. We'll take care of the inside decorations after Thanksgiving. Speaking of which...I do have much to be thankful for. More on that later.


Kenny said...

You are my hero. Going out and riding in FWK acceptable weather!
Have a great Thanksgiving up North.

Petit Chèvre said...

Good to read you are still out there. You are my cycling link to MN!

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