Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Trail God's Have Smiled...

upon me. For the past two days I've been trying to decide where I will ride while I'm up north for the Thanksgiving holiday. Yesterday, while on my way to school, I flipped down my visor and low and behold...out of the pocket and onto my lap falls an old trail map. I took it as a sign, that this was the place I was meant to ride.

So, on Friday I will head up the Sturgeon River trail system. When I was still living up north I would ski this trails on a regular basis. They are located in a beautiful area north of Chisholm and are no longer frequented by many people. It should be a fun little adventure. I'll be taking my old trusty Hardrock single-speed along and there is actually snow and cold in the forecast. I'm quite excited about the prospect of getting out for a ride in the snow.

In the meantime...I'm missing Patti already and I'm looking forward to her return on Sunday afternoon. It seems rather odd for us to not be together on a holiday weekend. For now, it's off to school for my final conferences and then off for the north country.
Happy Thanksgiving!

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