Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sunday...Fun Day

Today I was a very irresponsible homeowner. The temps were in the lower 60's and the sun was shining brightly. I got off to somewhat of a slow start this morning. "Food hangover" from last nights German cuisine which was served up at Celeste and Ron's. The food of course was all very rich. That along with Beck's, St. Paulie Girl, and assorted German wines made for an interesting evening.

So my choices upon waking up this morning were yard work vs. mtn. biking. Needless to say mtn. biking won hands down. Actually, it wasn't even close to being competitive. My initial desire was to ride Murphy single-track today, but I really didn't want to make the 45 minute drive. So, Elm Creek became the obvious choice.

Bella and I walked for about an hour and then I had some breakfast and was at the park at around 11 a.m. I ended up riding for nearly 2.5 hours and put in about 30 miles on the 29er. What an absolutely awesome day. After riding I stopped at the club to stretch, sauna, and shower.

When I got home a thoroughly cleaned up the Redline and detailed it. It is looking really good right now. I also adjusted the chain tension since it seemed to be somewhat loose and making a lot of noise on the climbs.

The leaves and other yard work will still be there tomorrow along with the school work that I have yet to get done. The weather on the other hand will not be like this for long so I felt that I needed to make the most of it. On the other hand... I'll still ride when the weather is in the crapper.


Ali B. said...

May I just link to your post? That's exactly how my day went.
I brushed off the yard work.. well, I picked up the rake for about 2 minutes, then I said, this weather IS NOT going to last. Took my bike out for almost 2.5 hours and have mastered pieces of that Iceman course... hehe I am swamped this week, report cards due Wed and Parent conferences Thursday... good news? Tomorrow is in-service and Friday is 1/2 day! YAY! Have an excellent week!

Anonymous said...

Charlie's been telling me all week to ride and not do yard work! Today, with a slight hangover I did yard work and then 26 on the Luna. Kenny

grasshopper said...

I guess Immthe only responsible one.
My yard is done. garage is swept.
mower put away snowblower ready to roll.
needed to get all done before vacation. sad news had to take the rack off the TT needed to put a new spring arm on the hatch and needed to open all the way.

Vito said...

Grasshopper...Such a sad story. What will you do with no carrying handle on your little car.

When and where is vacation????