Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Late Edit-"Spin Class Extravaganza"

I did two hours of spinning this morning from 5 AM until 7 AM. First hour was on my own doing tempo and hills. The second hour was with Jody's husband Tim. Somehow she convinced him to take her class this morning. He kicked our butt's! Now they are both doing it and this vexes me.

My thought is that Jody is actually saving herself for tomorrow's 2 hour New Year's Day spinning extravaganza. If this is the case then I better make sure I'm well rested, hydrated, and carbo loaded. I'll have to make sure that I have my camera could be interesting.

FWK better use caution tonight in trying to get rid of his 5 liter keg of Heineken. He could be in for a long day tomorrow. What the hell is he thinking?

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