Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year's Day - Spin Class

Well, another New Year's Day spin class is in the books and didn't disappoint. My only hope is that I'm recovered enough to do it again tomorrow morning.

I rode for total of 3 hrs. and 15 minutes. The first 75 minutes were primarily easy tempo riding with some hills thrown in just for a warm up. Then the fun began with Matt taking us on a simulation of the Seely, WI Pre-Fat course and then to our favorite of all...Chequamegon and those famous hills. For my third hour of riding Jody had us do a one hour time trial. We divided the class into teams and alternated taking turns in front and pushing the pace. The two hours of class were pretty intense as usual. I'm feeling tired, but I'm surprised how good my legs feel after such a hard workout. Also, it amazes how much food I can eat after such a workout. The pizza and beer we had this afternoon were quite satisfying. I think I'm actually getting into pretty good shape.

All I have to do now is get more focused on the running aspect of my training along with strength and core conditioning. All that fun begins tomorrow.

On a down note...tomorrow will probably be the day that many of the resolutioners start showing up. Ahhhhh! crowds of people in the locker rooms fighting for a spot to change. I hate crowds. Aside from spin classes, I'll try to do as much of working out at home as possible. I still haven't run inside this winter and plan to stick to that plan.

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Kenny said...

SF will be taken to a different level Saturday night.