Sunday, December 14, 2008

Weather Sucks! I Want Snow....

Well, it is December 14 and for most of the day it rained. All day I heard reports about all the snow they were getting up north. My goodness it is driving me crazy.

I so much want it to snow. I mean snow...not this couple of inches here and there bs....I want a good old fashioned dumping.

Yesterday I spent two and a half hours riding around in nothing but slush and slop. Today, when I awoke to the rain I decided to head to the health club. I spent two hours doing hill repeats with one minute recovery in between. It amazes me how hard I can push myself when I'm alone in the studio. I spent my time climbing Alpe d' Huez, with the likes of Lance Armstrong, Jan Ullrich, Ivan Basso, Marco Pantani, etc. I still lost...and by the way...Lance wins!

I hear other people talk about how difficult it is for them to get motivated if they have to work out alone. Well today....I kicked my own ass and it was great!

Anyway, wind chill temps tomorrow A.M. will approach -30 to -40 degrees...I'll be out running if it is not too icy and right now things do not look so good. Looking forward to it however I would like to see some snow.


The Old Bag said...

I'm looking at the thermometer saying -7. BRRRR!

grasshopper said...

are you authorized to use the stereo by yourself?
I agree on the rain. We missed you at chanhassen, it was a speedgasm.