Saturday, December 13, 2008

Friday Spin-Feel The Love

Oh the stories I could tell about Friday spin classes. With the winter season upon us Friday spin classes have become quit a busy affair. I've been participating in these sessions for a couple of years now and have developed somewhat of a reputation, along with Madonna (not da famous one). Why would this happen you ask? There can only be one answer...Matt.

Matt has a this special gift of singling people out of the crowd and drawing attention to them. Now, there are times that we have a tendency to bring this particular abuse onto ourselves. Madonna for instance, loves to talk, no matter how difficult the workout she always manages to get a few words in. Often times more than a few. In which case she generally attracts Matt's attention and he lets her have it.

Now me on the other hand...Well, I tend to be more quiet and unassuming. Always trying my best to mind my own business, focus on my workout, and not attract too much attention. Every Friday seems to bring a new round of verbal abuse and mockery. This Friday was no different.

I arrived at the health club quite early. I get up at 4 AM on Fridays to allow myself time to get a good run in before class. Before I go out for my run I methodically get my spin bike set up for class so I don't have to mess with it afterwards. I finish my run, change into my cycling clothing and simply hop on the bike and I'm ready to go.

Yesterday, played out as most Fridays. I was out running well before anyone else was in the studio. Bike was all set up and ready to go. My run was excellent. Got in about 40 solid minutes with the temp around "0" and windchill readings about -10. I love running in the cold! After returning to the health club I quickly changed into my cycling stuff and returned to the studio. Upon entering I said my hellos, and good mornings. You see, we've all become like sort of a family, most people know each other by other name. It's very nice. When Matt saw me enter he was beaming this big smile and greeted with...."Well, hello Mr. Vitali! How the hell are you?" This should have been my first warning. I greeted him in return and made a beeline for my bike, grabbed a banana from my bag, hopped on the bike and began warming up.

I didn't notice right away, but after a few minutes of pedaling I felt something was amiss. I was busy focusing on my banana and greeting the people around me. Greg, Madonna, Dan, and his wife Judy, etc. Once Matt got us going and people were going through their warm-up stretches, with the exception of Madonna and myself...I was already warmed up and I think Madonna was busy talking, I felt something wasn't right with my bike. I kept feeling much more compressed than I normally do. Odd, since I precisely had it set up before leaving on my run. I think Madonna must have noticed me looking down at my leg position, etc. when she made a comment about my seat. Ahhhhhh! I should have figured. I hopped off the bike and looked to notice my seat had been moved up nearly a full INCH! I glanced up at Matt to see that shitty little grin of his and he immediately looked away. Let the fun begin...

Later in class after giving Madonna crap he told everyone he was planning on picking on me because he hadn't seen me in a whole week. Makes me feel loved! and of course it continued...
"Sarah, you don't have to worry about your heart rate monitor. Only when you get to be Bill's age do you worry about your heart rate."
"When we go to a race Bill is so methodical. He has his clothes all laid out. His gear organized neatly. All of his nutritional supplements lined up in a neat row. His beta-blockers and other pills all lined up on the counter." "Hey Bill, I think I'm going to get you one of those pill boxes. You know the ones that have the compartments for all the days of the week."
It can be relentless at times. Yesterday was actually rather mild.
"Look at that form Bill has on his bike. It's perfect...I think he's been practicing at home."
So much for trying to remain unnoticed. Lord knows what Sunday will bring if I go to his class in Chanhassen, but fortunately there is a 70% chance of snow tomorrow. I'll be riding outside.

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