Sunday, December 7, 2008

Why are My Friends Always Giving Me Crap?

Now, I realize that I do have an innate tendency to open myself up to teasing. It's been something that has gone on my entire life, but now I think it has gone too far.

Apparently, my amigo Kenny feels that I was a bit too boastful in my post about putting up the Christmas lights. Well, I can say that I was rather proud of myself.

Now Kenny on the other hand also put up Christmas lights, but did it in a much more expeditious manner. As efficient as he is, I still think mine look much better. Another thing you'll notice is that Kenny can't put links into his posts : )

You're the best Kenny! Happy Holidays!

1 comment:

Ali B. said...

awh.. I sincerely thought this was a serious post! Whew!

I loved your decorating post and I have tremendous jealousy... I can't seem to find the perfect little gaudy tree for my house.. this is my second year of looking for one!