Thursday, January 22, 2009

Indoor Training - Some Thoughts

Right now we are in the midst of what many would call a more typical Minnesota winter. In other words...winter in Minnesota as it should be. Here in the Minneapolis area we've had plenty of snow, a few days of sub-zero weather, and some really nice days mixed in between. Our cold however is nothing to what they have experienced in northern Minnesota or other places. Tok, AK for instance had nearly a two week stretch where the highs never even came close to -20 F and the lows most nights exceeded -55 F. Several of those at temps lower than -60 F.

This weekend we once again have slipped under the influence of an arctic air mass. Many people who are athletic and normally would train outside have ventured indoors for the weekend. Forsaking their multiple layers for light shorts and a singlet or t-shirt. Some will be wishing for warmer temps and looking forward to that trip to warmer climes such as Anguilla and other tropical places.

My trainer has most certainly become my nemesis. Although I do attend my normal early morning spin classes a couple of days a week the majority of my cardio training has been taking place outside.

Last year I only ran a couple of days indoors the entire winter. This year I've yet to see an indoor track and come hell or high water or when "hell freezes over" I intend to run outside all winter no matter the temperature is.

I look at my trainer in the basement with my old road bike sitting on it...patiently waiting....and my first thought is "good place to hang my damp running clothes." I hate riding on that thing!

The Loons once again had an indoor studio reserved for training on Saturday morning.

There was talk of cancelling the 318 Ride.

Saturday and Sunday spin classes are sure to be overflowing.

I attended Matt's Friday class out of a sense of duty and because I love Friday morning class. Also, the other people who attend are a lot of fun and the music is usually pretty damn good. Besides without me there he would only have Madonna and the Grandmas to make fun of.
Before class I did my normal run outdoors to warm-up. Matt promised a "lung buster" and he kept to his word. Sixty minutes of climbing with some high tempo repeats and recovery periods of only 15 to 30 seconds.

Friday night the temps plummeted into the -10 to -15 range with windchills in the -30s. When I left the house for my ride this morning the temp was -13 F with a windchill right around -30 F. I only rode for an hour and forty-five minutes and the pace was quite slow especially out on Eagle Lake. Even a short cold ride outside is far better for me than a long boring one inside on the trainer. Maybe it would be more fun if I had that 61" HDTV with the surround sound in the basement.

Other brave souls or fool hardy, which ever you prefer ran a half marathon in St. Paul, Madonna included. The nordic skiers will more than likely be reveling in it. I know Bob will if he has a chance. My wool hat is off to them all. FWK would refer to all of us as "SF." I know he'll be inside cooking this weekend.

Today will find me at Matt's Sunday class, he's breaking out his "Dora the Explorer" game (details later) so it should be 90 minutes of entertainment and challenge. I had fully intended to go for a run before class, but this morning I can't seem to get myself out the door. Could common sense be taking over? The windchill reading outside right now is -25 F....maybe even the hardiest have their limits.

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