Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sunday Spin with Dora the Explorer

Today I had the opportunity to experience one of the most unusual spin classes. Matt resurrected the infamous Dora the Explorer game. We found out just what a "BITCH" this cute little Dora can be. The first thirty minutes was pretty much all uphill with some high intensity pickups thrown in just to test us. This would serve as our warm-up. For ninety minutes we never experienced a recovery period longer than fifteen seconds. One of our mottoes for this year along with "Epic" is "quick recovery."

For the last sixty minutes Dora ruled. Two dice, one regular, which would determine the duration 1-6 minutes. One special Dora dice numbered 1-5, which would determine intensity. Also on the Dora dice was the sneaky little fox "Swiper." This was like the wild card which of course was determined by Matt.

There seemed to be a large number of 5's and 6's rolled and most of them would be standing climbs or seated climbs with an increase in tempo. It turned out to be a pretty intense ninety minutes. In retrospect...I'm relieved that I didn't go on that 45 minute run before hand.

I'll now spend the rest of the day replacing fluids and eating.


Madonna said...

You better bring your A game. Dora is making an appearance in Friday's class.

Vito said...

Oh man....I am so ready!
I won't we doing a 45 minute run before hand, but I'll be on my bike
by 4:30 AM.