Sunday, January 11, 2009

My Thoughts on the Advantages of Sub Zero Weather

This may sound a bit crazy or as my amigo Kenny would say...SF, but I am writing this in support of sub-zero weather. Let's face it, cold weather, really cold weather does have it's advantages.

1. It provides a more firm footing for both running and biking. No soft sloppy stuff to deal with.
2. Your car and your bike stay cleaner for much longer. sloppy stuff to deal with.
3. Somewhat cleaner garage floor. Again....
4. When it does warm to above zero even a +5 F on the thermometer can feel like sweater weather. Providing there is no wind and the sun is shining.
5. Cycling and running are no longer the challenge...the COLD is. However you run the risk of being labeled an "SF" and of course frostbite.
6. The cold weather keeps you humble and hopefully smart. If you don't respect it, it can kill you.
7. Chili and soup...need I say more?
8. It makes snuggling under a warm blanket in front of a warm fireplace more enjoyable. Wine and a good movie also help. My advice...turn the heat down and snuggle more.
9. It's a great time to sit in front of the fireplace reading Jack London stories and Robert Service poems like "The Cremation of Sam McGee"
10. Snotcicles : )
11. Below zero weather helps us to look forward to those vacations to Arizona, Florida, Anguilla, and Mexico.

On a more serious note...I became very sad this morning when my eyes gazed upon my bike sitting in the corner of the garage coated with more than a months worth of road grit and salt. It was quite a sad sight.

So after getting in a 45 minute run and walking Bella in that soft slushy crap that I hate so much. I took a bucket of very hot water and brought my bike out on the patio for a good washing. It is amazing what a little hot water and a soft cloth can do. I cleaned and lubed the chain and all of the brake cables. The trusty steed is ready for the real cold stuff.

Another thought came to mind yesterday and today. The single speed is such a wonderful training tool. I can't for the life of me figure out why anyone would choose to ride anything but a single speed in the winter. Granted it can be difficult, but if the gearing is right it is amazing riding experience.


kenthecook said...

Nice music. I would have a hard time dancing to it. Good for a colonoscopy. Regarding the cold weather and working out in it; I'm fine until you go out in -35 degree wind chill. Then you cross the line into essedifness (that's with 4 s's). Then we have to call in the secretary to record the deed.

A Midnight Rider said...

My lower limit for riding is a bit higher than yours I think. But the warm blanket and wine is right up my alley. WinterSpringSummer or Fall.

Jack London? Nice.