Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Deep Freeze

The arctic air has arrived with full force. Right now it is -19 F with a WC temp. of -34 F. I had planned on running this morning, but the snow plows are still out. I know this because the &%$#@# just buried my driveway after I did such a nice job of cleaning it last night. This of course means the trails are not plowed. I will run or ride tonight.

This cold arctic air will allow me to test some gear out tonight and tomorrow in preparation for my weekend up on the North Shore. I still have some decisions to make on clothing layers for my lower body.

I'm putting in an order yet this morning for my handlebar mitts from Cabelas. They are a cheaper version of pogies, but I've been assured by an expert they work just as good and are about half the price. With these on the bike I can wear a pair of light liner gloves while a ride. Much more comfortable then having to wear bulky mitts.

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