Sunday, February 8, 2009

Beautiful Sunny Sunday

Today turned out to be one of the most beautiful yet. I awoke still feeling tired from yesterdays three hours of riding and of course a happy hour meeting with the amigos. We met to discuss our race calendar for the year and to also solve a few of the world problems. Such as the economic crisis plaguing the U.S. and other nations world wide. Our idea of economic stimulus....go out and buy a new bike.

Bob discussed how light his new Gary Fischer full carbon 29er is. Sub 20 lbs. for a geared 29er!! That is just insanely light. My steel steed is definitely pushing 30 lbs. She will definitely need to be lightened up before Chequamegon in September.

I had a somewhat lazy morning, but at around 11 A.M. decided to go for a long run. my run took me through the neighborhood and then out across Eagle Lake. The foot trails around town are still very icy and the footing out on the lake was spotty in places and very uneven which actually made for a very good workout. I ended up running for an hour. I'm looking forward to heading out again some night this week, but with rain in the forecast I'm not sure how the conditions will be out on the ice. I do know that tomorrow will definitely be an off day for me. I start my core conditioning program tomorrow along with strength training. This is something that is way overdue.

Much of the afternoon was spent meeting with my fifth grade team to organize our students into business groups for their field trip to Junior Achievement's Biz Town. It turned out to be a productive afternoon, but it was tough not to be outdoors on such a sunny Sunday.

Afterwards, it was home for a Hazed & Infused dry hopped ale, grilled steaks, and insalata rustica. It was an absolutely wonderful little dinner. Definitely low carb...aside from the beer that is.

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Judi said...

i would have needed some bread with that meal.