Saturday, February 14, 2009


This past has been a total waste as far as any training goes. Things were falling in place nicely andI was working out on a pretty consistent basis until I went back to school on Moday. After that, things went rapidly down hill. I felt sick most of the week. Nasty headache, sore throat, and just very tired and now energy at all. I had two nights when all I did was sleep and a couple when I hardly slept at all.

Today, mostly out of frustration, I decided that rather than continue to rest, I needed to get a bike ride. The sun was shining brightly, but the temps were not too warm and the wind was cold.My goal was to seek some ice and do some laps around Eagle Lake. Well, I definitely found the ice. The rain and forty-eight degree temps from earlier in the week left the the lakes surface extremely icy and downright dicey in some areas.The scary part was that in some areas there were layers of ice and while riding along you break through the upper layer. Also, the channel (pictured above) connecting the two sides of the lake had open water. This was the same channel that a week ago tonight, I was riding on.It was a fun experience, but really not much of a workout. With the conditions the way they were it was impossible and probably really unwise to try and get any speed going. I nearly went down twice as it was. Needless to say, I don't think I'll attempt to do any night rides out there anytime soon. Not until we get more snow anyway...maybe.


Doug said...

It is scary how fast that channel opened up!

Vito said...

Needless to say...I will be avoiding that area for the rest of the winter.