Sunday, February 1, 2009

Horribly Hilly Hundreds

After doing ninety minutes of non-stop out-of-the-saddle climbing in spin class this morning I am definitely questioning my ability to make rational decisions.

Why, would anyone decide to subject themselves to what is sure to be a very, very long and painful day in the saddle. The amigos motto for the year is..."EPIC". Well, I believe this ride will definitely fit into this category. I am motivated, but at the same time fearful.

I've climbed The Grand Teton, ran a couple marathons, competed two years at Cheqaumegon, but I don't think any of these will compare to this challenge.

200km of riding and 12,ooo feet of climbing! What was I thinking?

The following are some quotes from riders who have done it in the past. These will provide me with some motivation for next several months.

“Why? Because we can!” - Twin Cities Bicycling Club

“The hardest day of climbing I’ve ever done. It was epic.” - Ben Neff - Cronometro rider

“This ride is destined to become legendary around the Midwest. It’s going to attract a lot of insane people.” - Cronometro Rider

“The designer of this route was evil and sadistic.” - David Johnson

“Sufferfest of the year.” - Isthmus

“Amazing scenery, but scenery becomes secondary when you can’t feel your legs.” - Iowa Big Dogs

“Five thousand feet of climbing in a century is very tough, ten thousand is unreal.” - Iowa Big Dogs

"Harder than the assault on Mt. Mitchell." - Nolan Culberson

“We’ll never go back to do it again!” - A group of Colorado cyclists

"The 200 K is for those that are either naive or insane or really don't know what you're in for." - Greg Vogel

I definitely will need to strengthen my legs and my mind between now and June 20th. Along with that, I'm also contemplating what modifications I can make to my bike that may be beneficial.


Doug said...

So did you get in this year? I assuming you did since you're talking about it. This was on my to-do-list several years ago, but I've never been able to get in. I've always loved climbing, so this is the ride for me.

Vito said...

Amazingly enough we all made it in. I love climbing also, but.....

Oh well, no matter what happens I know we will come back with good stories and experiences.

I'm looking forward to it! Still dreaming of AH 135.