Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sunday Jottings

I awoke early this morning and had my usual cup or two of joe, oatmeal, banana, and my new favorite energy secret...a Trader Joe's "This Fig Walks Into a Bar" bars. I love these things and they are a good energy boost.

The cardinals are getting more active...I heard a lot of singing this morning.

I also watched "Cirque du Soleil"... which is actually the three gray squirrels that have set up camp in our back yard. These three squirrels have become my nemesis. They ate more of my bird seed in the past six months than the birds have. They are destined to meet an untimely demise.

I went into Matt's spin class highly motivated to get in a good workout and really push myself.
When class was over I no longer wanted to talk to Matt. It was by far the hardest I've worked on a spin bike. I was pleased with how hard I was able to push myself, but I have to be honest...the last 15 minutes were pure hell and I did a lot of cussing under my breath.
So, yes Matt, you kicked my ass!

Bike components have been occupying my thoughts lately. I really need to lighten up the 29er. I also have many other really important things on my mind.

The Tour of California started yesterday...if anyone really cares to know. Who is your favorite to win??

Somehow, I need to reduce the amount of stress I'm experiencing at school. It's not good for my attitude or my health. Good thing I work with a great group of people, but I often think we try to do too much.

I actually want it to snow!!! It's too early to have it all disappear.

The economic stimulus scares me. Where the hell is all that money going to come from? I know Patti and I won't see any of it.

This post has been a total waste of my time.


Kenny said...

Well it was a waste of mine then too, you SOB! I still love you though.

Vito said...

Love ya Kenny!!!

grasshopper said...

you may get the 13.00 per week, that could buy you a tube or a bar from trader joes.
this post was a waste of my time too

The Old Bag said...

Me waste of my time.

I hear you on the doing too much thread -- it's tough to keep things in check when you're a teacher. As I've gotten older, I've gotten more protective of my sanity, however.

Vito said...

The world is full of critics.

KB said...

I love your site, even if it is a waste of time :)

Vito said...