Sunday, March 15, 2009

Random Jottings...

I have not been updating my blog as of late because life has been, well, shall we say...BORING!! Actually, not boring,but school and school work have been consuming me and most of my time as of late. The last week or so haven't been totally uneventful.

Four hour spin class last weekend was a hoot. Actually three hours, but I went in extra early and ended up with about 3 hrs. and 45 minutes of intense riding.

How does one prepare themselves for 4 hrs. of saddle time in a hot, sweaty, stinky, spin studio??

A pre-ride bowl of oatmeat and along with a banana. Matt and Jody also provided bananas at class. I drank around 4 bottles of fluids during the class. Two straight up water and two bottles of water with NUUN active hydration tabs. This stuff is fantastic! Of course you also have to have some instant energy so I also packed along some GU energy gels. "Expresso Love" gives you the kick you need. I also consumed the Zone bar. The Pro Bar was saved for later use.

Now, you can't expect to sit on a saddle with sweat drenched shorts (very gross by the way) without some type of protection from chaffing. I think we all agree that saddle sores are not fun. So...liberal amounts of Butt Butter were in order here. I'll have to consider trying David Z's new product... dznuts. Catchy name that's for sure.

We all survived and the 3 hrs and 45 minutes flew by rather quickly. The best part was a nice restaurant breakfast with the girls afterwards.

News Flash....I used my trainer yesterday. Although not in the manner it was intended for.

Patti and I also went to see "Fiddler on the Roof" a couple of weeks ago. It's been playing at the Orpheum Theater in downtown Minneapolis.

We had dinner at Palomino prior to seeing the play. The food and the company of my sister Gina and her friend Yukka were wonderful. I should have gotten a photo of them.

It's now Sunday morning. I should be heading out for a bike ride or a run or both, but instead I'm heading into school to complete some grading, report cards, and prep for conferences this week. I hope I'm only there for a few hours because the temps are forecast to be in the upper 50's. This is not how I intended to spend a beautiful Sunday morning.

So, I'm off to walk Bella and then school. Maybe the afternoon will bring some outdoor fun or maybe a nap...since I haven't been sleeping well as of late. Damn insomnia has returned.


Ali B. said...

ah, the thought of report cards makes me shiver. I'll be working mine NEXT weekend. Maybe I should get a start today? Nah, it's beautiful here today & we will be having simliar temps - ahhh spring! Enjoy your day Vito!

Kenny said...

Cycling outdoors will cure insomnia.