Sunday, May 24, 2009


Take a group of strong riders, a beautiful spring day, sixty miles of road with some of the biggest climbs around and you get one hell of a morning of riding. We left Lino Lakes shortly after 8 A.M. and headed towards Afton. From Afton to Prescott, WI and then north again to Hudson and another final "dream climb" before returning to Minnesota and back to Lino Lakes.The two mile climb out of Afton towards the ski area. When we reached the ski area we came to a road that was gated off. It didn't take me long to realize why they had a gate on the road. I believe it was there to prevent dumb asses like ourselves from riding down this extremely steep hill only to turn around and ride UP! It is not a long climb, but it was the steepest climb I've done on a bike to date. Bob said this particular stretch of road has a 20% incline. It was nice to get a flavor of what the pros go through on a regular basis. I still think it was 22%... Ha!! Bob, Scott, and Dave having a rest stop chat. Dave had purchased one of those gas station microwave sandwiches. He forgot to read the directions and open the bag before putting it in the microwave. It came out looking like a hot air balloon...I couldn't believe the damn thing didn't explode in the microwave.Amigos Grasshopper and Fair Weather Kenny relaxing and enjoying a laugh while we rehydrate and take in some food in Prescott, WI. Pulling out of this gas station we took a left and we were immediately climbing again. A bit further down the road we hit a huge down hill run.

Bob flatted at the top of the hill and a couple of kind Wisconsin motorists stopped and offered us help. A pretty blonde even went so far as to offer a cold beer. Only in Wisconsin at 1o A.M. on a Sunday morning.

On the downhill portion I hit a top speed of 42 mph!! Fastest I've ever gone on a bike. Within seconds of hitting the bottom the torturous uphill portion began. Forty-two mph to approx. four mph in about five seconds.

Endurox R4 recovery drink. This stuff tastes absolutely horrible, but it works. I somehow managed to choke down 32 oz.The preferred recovery drinkThe beginnings of one good biker's tan and the answer to the question...."Vito, do you shave your legs like other serious cyclists do?" NO! But the thought has crossed my mind from time to time. Ha!

I finished the ride feeling very good with my overall performance for the day. As of late, I have not been sleeping and last night was another one of those up and down nights. At 3 A.M. I was lying in bed swearing because I could not fall asleep. My worry was that I would be so tired that I wouldn't have the energy needed to complete the ride. I'm not sure where I got the stamina...maybe last nights beef wellington dinner. I also believe that all the miles on the single-speed mountain bike have definitely helped to improve my overall riding.

One thing is certain...Kenny and I discussed how our youthful days are over or damn near over and that is a tough pill to swallow. I'm definitely "B" team ability. Kenny can hammer it out in the big ring on the flats and rollers. I'm pretty good on the hills. The two of us spent most of the day pulling up the rear, but I also felt that we did a pretty good job trying to keep up with the "A" team.


The Old Bag said...

I haven't been riding over in that area for a couple of years now -- your pics make me miss it.

Love the WI beer story!

Anonymous said...

Mike In WI says

It's great you are at least getting out and riding with friends...54mph is my personal high speed on a downhill at Lake Redstone, WI on an old TREK 2300 in full tuck position.

Do you snore? I ask because maybe you have Sleep Apnea along with stress???

Vito said...

Yes I do!!!! My wife swears I have SA. Another appt. to make over the summer.

54 mph!!! That is just crazy!