Sunday, May 24, 2009


Most of the day yesterday was devoted to errands, yard work, and house work with no time set aside for cycling. The errands consisted mostly of picking up garden supplies, flowers, etc. Yard work was primarily mowing, trimming, cleaning, planting, watering, etc. When the work was completed we cooked dinner and entertained friends for the evening.
We can now enjoy the rest of the weekend.I've always admired St. Francis. When I saw this statue at the garden shop I couldn't pass it up.
Now that most of the work is complete a good part of the rest of our weekend will be spent in the privacy of our backyard. Sitting, relaxing with a cold beer or maybe even a margarita, some grilling, and of course....biking.

This morning it's off with the "Amigos" to Afton, Prescott, WI and Hudson for a road ride filled with hills. Later....

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