Saturday, May 23, 2009

I Need Rest

My body needs rest, but when? Last nights mtn. bike ride in the park was somewhat reflective of my entire week. My body and mind where very tired from three nights of no sleep or very little sleep. I definitely need to remedy my inability to sleep because it puts such a strain on me both mentally and physically.

It seems to come in waves. I'll have periods where I do sleep quite well and then all of a sudden I'll get several days in a row where I can hardly sleep at's very frustrating.

It took me about one lap around the inner loop before I really started feeling good. As I continued to ride I began to feel better and better, but after two hours and twenty-seven miles my mind felt that I needed to call it quits. My legs were still pretty good. I managed to sleep better last night, but woke up today feeling tired.

This concerns me somewhat because today is a very busy day and tomorrow we are road riding out of Stillwater. The hills in the area are killers and I'm hoping I'm rested up enough to handle the pace and the terrain otherwise I may be spending the better part of the day riding on my own.

School is soon to be over for the school year and this will help relieve much of my stress. It's not the teaching part that is stressful, but the politics and day to day administrative stuff that gets annoying. This along with the gossipers and the rumor mill people.

My colleague Kevin, whom I've taught with for about 15 years heard through the grapevine that I had put in for a move to another grade level. It isn't going to happen because of logistics, but he was told by others that it was a done deal and I was gone. He was somewhat bothered hearing this news from others and not from me. I had planned on telling him once I knew for sure what was going on, but in retrospect I guess I should have told him sooner. My bad!!

We have had a lot of tension in our grade level for many various reasons and hoping that we will be able to get things back on the right track. I'm very fortunate to be able to work with the people I have around me. They are all very hard working dedicated teachers who always give their best. Maybe that's what I need to focus on instead of worrying myself with all the other bullshit that goes on. That would certainly make my days a bit more pleasant.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if you're diet is also part of the overall health and wellness issue? Also you must remember that the young and indestructible years of youth are now gone...

If the above is true then those workouts should probably be less intensive combined with maybe a macrobiotic type of diet and I will bet you will begin to have better quality rest times.

It also sounds like you are not nearly as happy with your life right now, maybe some serious attention and action is in order.

WheelDancer said...

Seems like the end of the school year is particularly hard on teachers. I didn't have a clue before meeting the Sweetie how stressful the year-end is on the folks running the show.

For me, I seem to be able to draw a pretty straight line between my inability to sleep sometimes and the stress level in my life. A good workout seems to help me sleep but doesn't always do enough to overcome the deficit so I wake up tired. I also, along with Anonymous, find that diet becomes more important. I need to increase my protein and liquids intake to get over the hump.

If you can just hang on until the end of the school year...