Saturday, June 27, 2009

Great Way to End the Week!

This past week found me trying to work more running into my weekly routine and after one week I'm finding that I really need to sit down and plan out a schedule. One that will assure consistency and still provide me with enough time to develop both my riding and running fitness levels.
Maybe I'll be able to do this over the next couple of days. I'm heading north to visit with Patti's family at the lake and then on to my home town to visit with my father who has taken ill. I'm not planning on taking a bike along, which will be very unusual. However I will make sure that I get some type of run in everyday.I had some good rides and other workouts over the course of the past week, but Friday's was by far the best.I awoke at 4:30 a.m. and went to the health club for what would have been Matt's class. However, Matt happens to be on a business trip in China and beautiful Traci took his place. Now Traci is definitely no push over and she will more than likely kick the ass of most people I know who take spin classes.On Friday...she did not disappoint. There is something sadistically pleasant about getting your ass kicked by an attractive woman on a bike. We did ninety minutes of speed and hill work in alternating intervals. It was a joy!!
Class wasn't quite enough , so after returning home, rinsing off, eating, and hydrating I decided to head to the park and hammer out some laps on the mountain bike in ninety degree temps. To my surprise the ride actually went well. I ended up with three hours of riding and tallied another 40 miles.
I then spent the rest of the day preparing for my wife Patti's fiftieth birthday party which of course we were hosting. The party turned out fantastically well, but I was totally exhausted by the end of the evening.
My sister Gina, her friend Yukka, Patti, and myself

Everyone enjoying a summer evening out on the deck.

Today found me in bed at 9:30 in the morning. Honestly...I cannot remember the last time I stayed in bed that late. I tried getting a run in, but after yesterdays workout and the evening activities my legs were literally dead.'s north for a few days to visit with my father and get some running in. I should be ready to hammer out some hard miles by the end of the week.

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