Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Ore to Shore Mountain Bike Epic

Well...I've been kicking this thing around in the back of my mind for quite some time and today
after returning home from school I finally did it. I am now officially registered to race in the
Ore to Shore Mountain Bike Epic on August 8 in Marquette, Michigan.

I am stoked for this ride. My mountain bike riding has been going great despite the lack of a consistent training schedule. Wrapping up the school year and my brother's illness have been consuming my time as of late.'s time to make travel plans and start tailoring some type of training schedule. I'm also doing the Sawtooth Challenge in Grand Marais on August 22. This is an off road duathlon so now running needs to be added to the mix.

Another challenge I'm considering is one put out by Superior North Outdoor Center. Start at the shore of Lake Superior, ride your bike to the edge of the BWCA, run the trail to the top of Eagle Mountain and back to your bike, then ride back to Grand Marais. The lowest point to the highest point in Minnesota. It must be a fully self supported effort. Hmmmm...this is sounding good.


Petit Chèvre said...

Sounds like a challenging summer! Good luck.

Hope your brother is doing better, it is often said "Hospitals are no place to be sick."


Vito said...

Isn't that the truth. This hospital he is at has a long term health facility on one side...we checked for a funeral home on the other side and lucked out. If there was one...he would be elsewhere.

Ali B. said...

Sounds like you picked some great events for this summer! .. and running? ugh. :)