Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Saddle Sore!

Last night was a great evening for a bike ride. I once again set aside the road bike for some serious 29er single-speed miles. My goal heading into the evening was hard 40-50 miles of dirt, grass, and hills.

After 3 hours I ran out of daylight and ended up with a total of 40 miles. Not bad, but I was really pissed off that I didn't get that 50 miles in. If only I could have started an hour earlier the 50 would have been a breeze.
On another note...I recently placed a new saddle on the bike and it is not quite broken in. I also purchased a new pair Specialized bibs on sale. Still way expensive! So, with new saddle and new shorts minus a good application of butt butter I ended up with one very nice saddle sore.

I am really pumped to get some long rides in on the 29er. Summer vacation is only a week and half away and the forest roads of northern Minnesota are calling.

I've got some plans cooking.

Brother Update: He is doing much better, but remains on ICU. The cocktail of antibiotics seems to be working however he now appears to be developing an infection around his stitches which is causing some amount of concern. One thing after another it seems.

Looking at the positive side of things...yesterday he was peeing like he had been drinking beer all afternoon. Thank God for that.


Anonymous said...

Mike In WI says,

Hope you're brother recovers fully.

Have a great summer riding season, I have been working combination's of WI road and trails always trying to stop in small towns using low traffic side roads then searching for any kind of trail head.

Mike In WI

Ali B. said...

Yay for summer vacation on the way! I have BIG plans too... yep. I bought new shorts today at an astronomical price BUT they are truly the BEST I have EVER tried on! Yay for comfort.