Monday, June 15, 2009

Where The Hell Am I?

I admit...I'm embarrassed, but apparently "Grasshopper" is not the only directionally challenged rider in our group of amigos.

Yesterday we had planned on meeting up for a Sunday morning road ride. Being that I am now on vacation I slept late and had to try to coordinate a meeting place. Matt and Kenny were well on there way to Monticello before I even got on my bike. After several phone calls we were able to establish a meeting place. I was well on my way there when I happened upon the intersection of 19 north and River Road. This little voice inside my head said that I needed to go straight, but River Road, for some unknown reason was ringing loud and clear. Lack of sleep? mental deficiency? or just plain "SF" edness. I took the left.....

After riding for several miles it appeared that this was longer then I had anticipated. Out came the cell phone and while it was ringing I came upon a sign that let me know that I was now entering the city of Rockford, just slightly off target. When Matt answered and I told him where I happened to be his reply was, "Well little buddy...enjoy your ride." So now I guess that I need to do more group rides, pay more attention, and study some maps. Along with listening to those little voices inside my head...or not.

Matt and Kenny ended up with 80+ miles. I came in at just over sixty. It was a good ride and a beautiful morning.


The Old Bag said...

bummer! But you were out in some beautiful countryside on a beautiful day.

grasshopper said...

we did miss ya. I ended up having two flats in front of mama G's.
fixed the first one fine and dandy the second one the c02 cartridge was dead in teh water, so was I.
Julie and the kids were sag wagon.

Anonymous said...

Mike in WI say's

At least you got in some good scenery, I took a header off a drop on a WI Dells trail and crinkled my neck pretty good...youngsters pop right back up but at 50 years old I can hardly move today LOL.

Maybe some good prescription drugs can give you a good nights sleep or maybe a visit to a sleep lab?

Mike in WI