Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Proverbial Banana Peel...

I managed to get in a bit of a ride north of town early this morning. I finished just in time for the rains to come.Now as far as that banana peel goes....My father has made remarkable progress since having his gastrointestinal suction removed yesterday morning. Today marked the first day in 14 days that Dad had regular food (liquid diet).

However, this morning after arriving we noticed a rather large lump on his right shoulder near his neck. The internist came to look along with his surgeon and they ordered an ultrasound which showed a relatively large blood clot..."The Banana Peel" I was speaking to one of the docs saying how pleased we were with the progress he had made. He said, "Yah, just when you are heading out the door you step on a banana peel. The clot is very dangerous, but the docs felt quite confident that it can be dissolved with medication in few days.

Speaking of banana peels...Fair Weather Kenny and I discovered that our essay for entry into Chequamegon Fat Tire Festival had been rejected. Our fellow Amigos with the help of a local bike shop and Trek have received free entry passes from Trek. So much for all for one and one for all. Wait...that was the Three Muskateers. They definitely owe Kenny and I a few cold ones, but we will still be there to cheer our Amigos on. I've got my sights set on a very nice cow bell and I may even find a spot on top of "Fire Tower Hill" to cheer them on.

On a more positive note...the 1-100-1 ride is slated for next Monday on the North Shore of Lake Superior and my lodging arrangements for the Ore 2 Shore Mtn. Bike Epic have been made. Thanks to Dirty Picasso for the info. I got a good room on the cheap.

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