Thursday, July 9, 2009

Some Progress and No Surgery...Yet

The last two days have been fantastic! Not just riding, but also the news on my Father's condition.
He is not out of it yet by any means, but he didn't have to have surgery today. The surgeon was able to get some of his blockage cleared yesterday during the colonoscopy and we reviewed once again all of our (his) options. I asked the surgeon if Rudy was his father what would he do. He said...wait! Lets see if he can start passing stuff on his own. No matter how you look at it, he is just not a good candidate any surgery. So, we wait...pray...hope that his colon will start working again on its own. If not, then surgery is the only way and that would take place probably early next week. I'm sitting here next to his bed listening to him snore, watching his gastrointestinal suction pull icky looking stuff from his stomach and intestines, and just holding his hand from time to time.

He is on some good drugs. Apparently a bald skinny lab technician came to draw his blood early this morning. Dad actually thought it was me. Funny!

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