Sunday, August 16, 2009

A Horse of a Different Color

Last night and this morning brought storms with a good deal of thunder, lightning, and rain. As you could well expect the trails at the park were not in prime riding condition.

You can see from the photo that I am riding a horse of a different color. She is made of aluminum and eats dirt. I've now become nothing but a common criminal. Riding horse trails in the name of training and for what I do not even know.
Heavy rain last night and this morning turned many of the trails into a quagmire of sorts. Traction on the hills was non-existent, and parts of the trail were so greasy it was hard to maintain any type of control.
In other words... I had a blast. I'm looking forward to a repeat sometime in the near future. To think that the day before my bike was spotless. What we don't do in the name of fun.

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