Sunday, August 16, 2009

Riding Redwing

Thursday found Kenny, Bob, and myself at Memorial Park in Redwing. It was my first time riding there and I have to say that my experience was a good one. I'm looking forward to getting back there again because I now I have some unfinished business with a particular climb.

Here is Fair Weather Kenny approaching the top of the aforementioned climb..."Stairway to Heaven". Kenny was our crash test dummy for the day. I love that jersey!
I made two attempts to make it to the top and failed each time. Although the second attempt got me about thirty feet from the top. It's long, steep, and covered top to bottom with loose rock. There are some good lines, but nothing that will take you all the way to the top. Just when I thought I had it bagged, my rear tire loses it on some of that loose rock, my front tire pops in the air giving me that flip over backwards feeling, and I'm off the bike. Damn!! So close.
One portion of trail takes you down to what is known as the gully. Memorial park offers a mtn. biker a very good mix of technical and smooth rolling single-track. The views in some places are tremendous. I'm definitely looking forward to getting back there again and conquering that climb.
Of course no mountain biking excursion is complete without a meal of some sorts afterwards. On the way home we stopped at King's Place. Nothing else could be more acceptable to an Amigo's taste buds than a good greasy burger and an ice cold beer. Thirty-seven different burgers on the menu. With toppings that include everything from fried eggs to sauerkraut. Bob shared his story about a half pounder he had there once and he swears he was still digesting it 3-4 days later.
Truly one of the best burgers in Minnesota.

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Ali B. said...

I also love Kenny's jersey!