Sunday, December 27, 2009

New Year-New Challenges

With the new year approaching I've had some time lately to start thinking of those dreaded resolutions along with some new riding challenges that are outside of the realm of "racing." Races are challenging and a good deal of fun, but my competitive desire has greatly diminished as I have become older. I still have certain races that I will continue to ride in, but it's more about competing against myself than against others. Weird...I know, but that is just how I feel.

I have a tendency now to desire the solo challenges, but there are still some rides I want to do with the amigos. The big one on my mind lately has been the idea of doing a century ride on mountain bikes in the Chequamegon National Forest of northern Wisconsin. The forest roads, single track, and Birky trails offer an endless number of riding options. This really excites me and the more people we have...the merrier.

I'm also thinking of and scheming up several solo challenges one of which I would love to do in the winter on the Pugsley. (Heaven forbid it ever gets completed) This winter it would be a one day ride. Basically for financial reasons right now. My better half may frown if I go out and spend hundreds of dollars on a winter sleeping system along with other gear I would need such as bags and such for the bike. So, the overnight or even a multi-day trip would have to wait until next winter. That would also give me time to get familiar with the Pugs and make the necessary changes that will no doubt need to be made.

Of course Chequamegon, Ore to Shore, and Leadville Trail 100 are on the radar for 2010 along with the possibility of some shorter running events if my feet can tolerate the miles.

As far as resolutions go...not until the new year comes will I discuss those. I tend to not like resolutions anyway, but I'm feeling like I need some focus in my life anyway and this may be a good way to acquire some and make a commitment or two. We'll see...


Joboo said...


here's another some thing, some thing to think about....

this will be the 2nd running of The "Heck", and it's on the cheap!! LOL
cool group of people, and J.K. put on an A+ event last Sept.

anyway, good luck with the Pug build, and all your plans for 2010.


Ali B. said...

Can't wait to see your Pugsley... well, more importantly, I can't wait to hear the tales! I am with you on the racing scene. All about me vs. self... or something like that. Hope you're staying warm over there! It is one seriously blustery day here! Enjoy your time off!