Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Let The Fat Fun Begin

So much for my post on the weekend up north. That will have to come later.
The Pugsley is done...Well, not totally complete because there will still be a lot of shake down rides and a lot of final tweaking to do, but I'll have him and all his fat glory out on Friday afternoon.

Pugsley in all his "FAT" glory made for a good show in the showroom window at the new bike shop.
Yes, I fully intend to try and ride it with a single-speed set up. Time will tell.
80mm of "Graceful Fat Sheba" with red nipples for a nice finishing touch. Sorry, I have a thing for red nipples. Yes, I am a sick individual, but please don't hold that against me. It's just a biker thing.
Surly Mr. Whirly SS crank and a Race Face BB.
Road bikes and other mountain bikes (look out Matt) are now mere speed bumps.
Upon viewing it for the first time my wife Patti replied, "My God! That is the ugliest bike I have ever seen! Those tires are outrageous! Thank you honey for the compliment.
Definitely what you could call a beefy front end. A beautiful Paul hub without the extra cog. That will come later after some experimenting. I long haul in the "Northwoods is now in the making.


coastkid said...

looks great bill!
red nipples get my vote too!,
have fun on your new pug...

Joboo said...

Damn sweet Bill!!!
Give me a weeks notice before you head north again with your new Fat and Joy. That way I can work my family schedule around a Fatty ride with you!!!


Anonymous said...

Looks great! What make/model of seatpost collar are you using, please? Thanks, and enjoy the new monster.

Vito said...

Dylster, the seatpost collar is a Salsa Lip-Lock. They come in all sizes and colors.


I think I will definitely enjoy it:)

Anonymous said...


Apertome said...

What a beast! Can't wait to see what you do with it.

Madonna said...
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Madonna said...

Wow! I'm shocked you got the bike so fast since Travis has been completely busy setting up the new shop that just opened on Monday.

grasshopper said...

Enjoy the ride Bill. First you have to catch me then I will become a speed bump.
By the way when Selma gets done she will have blue nips.

Ali B. said...

Nice red touches!