Saturday, January 23, 2010


The Pugsley got his first real ride today. It was more of a shake down cruise than anything else. I needed to just get out on it to get the feel of riding a real "Fat Bike". My timing however could not have been worse when I left the house it was RAINING! and the streets and trails leading to the lake were glare ice. I damn near killed myself in the first half mile. Yes, Pugsley had his first crash and needless to say also numbers two and three. Yup, wiped out three times on the ice just in the mile ride to the lake.

Once I reached the lake and the lakeside trail, all was just fine. Riding a real fat bike is a totally new experience and I must say that I think I may have fallen in love.

The woodland trails were really soft and difficult to ride, but the lake was still fairly firm and riding was a joy.
The Pugs rides and handles like no other bike. It is definitely not designed for speed that is for certain and it certainly attracted a lot of curious looks from the local fishing population out on the lake.
A buttery smooth ride was provided by the endomorphs with about 8 psi in them. I am really going to have to play around with tire pressure. I'm not really sure about what to ride them at for various conditions so there will be a learning curve.
Over the course of the two hours I rode this morning the conditions gradually got worse as the rain continued to fall and the snow on the lake surface softened. It is January isn't it?
There is snow in the forecast for tomorrow along with cooler temps. This should really firm things up nicely for future rides. I was fortunate enough not to wipe out on my return trip home. Now I'll be dreaming about heading north again with Pugsley for some real winter riding.


coastkid said...

cool bikes indeed!
take a bit getting used dose explaning to jaw dropped folk when they see it!

Apertome said...

The bike looks amazing ... I really like the color, too.

Doug said...

It's the only bike I have that gets as much attention from non-bike people as it does from other bikers.

Definitely experiment with tire pressure. As you know, there is many, many different types of snow. There seems to be a different ideal pressure for each type of snow condition.

Joboo said...

Sweet Bill!!!
good for you!!!

so when ya coming north ;) ;)