Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Public Service Announcement...New Brewery - New Beer!

On a recent happy hour adventure to 3 Squares here in Maple Grove, I stumbled across a new beer that was a pure delight to drink. Sorry Summit, but if this stuff ever gets bottled I believe this one may have you beat. The Brewery is Fulton Brewery right here in Minneapolis. The beer "Sweet Child of Vine" is absolutely fantastic.

As of right now their beers are only available on tap at twenty local establishments. I lucked out...3 Squares is close at hand. On an end note...I sure would like to visit The Happy Gnome and The Muddy Pig. I just love the names.


Joboo said...

You know, when I read a post of this nature (especially about a beer that could be better than Summit), I feel the need to run right out, and check it out. To bad a taste isn't closer for me.
Although, it's been many years since I've lived in the big city, when I read something like this, is about the only time I miss the big city.
I do not miss that drive when I wanted to really get lost in the woods ;)


Vito said...

I miss living up north, but after spending the last twenty years of my life here in the Twin Cities I've come to appreciate all that living in the metro area has to offer. Traffic and rude people aside.

What makes me somewhat sad is that I don't think I could live up on "The Range" again. I love the forests and lakes and still love to visit, but it has just changed so much since my formative years.

Living on the North Shore would be ideal, but I'm thinking more of a small mountain town in Colorado after retirement.