Sunday, February 14, 2010

What More Can You Ask For?

The Pugsley experienced single track riding for the first time. Had an absolute blast this morning. Despite a broken and lost blinkie and a couple of fun little tumbles, one of which had the potential to cause a great deal of man damage, I had a blast!
The single speed set up provided me with a great workout. There was some pushing involved on some of the bigger hills, but overall I think the ss is the way to go. It was a great workout, my legs feel good and I'm looking forward to more riding tomorrow morning. What an awesome bike and some fun trails!Beautiful morning, great trails, fun bike, and good company...What more can you ask for?


Ali B. said...

goodness... i'm so impressed with you & pugsley. i'm also feeling so guilty for NOT breathing more cold air this year! ahh Florida in 2 days. :)

coastkid said...

arnt pugsleys great?...have fun on your pug...hope we get some good snow again soon..

Greg said...

You pugsley guys never fail to impress. Keep on rocking it hardcore!