Saturday, February 13, 2010

Super Saturday

I slept late this morning...It's my first morning of a long weekend and it's very unusual for me to not be heading north. With Valentine's Day and a heavy burden of school work I felt it was best to stay put.

The day dawned with all the trees and and shrubs coated with a beautiful white patina of hoarfrost. I rode south from home not sure where I was going or for how long I intended to be out.
The trails were in great shape, but once I got out onto Eagle Lake the going got really tough. The snow surface remained soft even in the snowmobile tracks and that made for tough going. I exited the lake onto the trails and headed further south to Medicine Lake where I found a maze of plowed roads and four wheeler tracks created by the ice fisherman.
The lake was dotted with fishing houses gathered together in little ice communities scattered about the lake and connected with plowed roads that were like residential streets. All that was needed were street signs.
After nearly three hours of riding my stomach was aching and begging for food. Tomorrow the Pugsley gets its first experience on some of the local single track. Then I meet with "Grasshopper" and "The Cook" for bloody marys and to discuss our race calendar for the year. It should be a fun one.

I would be remiss not to mention the fact that today is one of the Amigos birthdays. Happy Birthday Bob! Hope it was a good one.

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Ali B. said...

LOVE shanty towns! Yes, it is that time to start booking weekends. Enjoy Vday and event planning! :)