Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Embracing Life and The Night

This evening I was fortunate enough to have another opportunity to head up to the park for some night riding. Over the course of the last couple of years I've come to absolutely love being on my bike and riding through the darkness. For me it has evolved into something nearly spiritual. The darkness closes in around me and rather than fear it, I embrace it. It provides me some quiet time to draw within myself and get somewhat contemplative.
Orion "Really! He is there in the picture.)

Tonight my only companions were the stars and constellations, Ursa Major and Minor, Cassiopeia, the star cluster Pleiades, Sirius, Aldebaran, and of course, the ever watchful Orion. It was a brilliantly clear night and it was hard to tell that these trails I were riding are so close to the cities.

One thing I sensed at the beginning of my ride, which began right at sunset, was that darkness comes a bit slower in the spring of the year. Twilight seems to hang on just a little bit longer. Whereas in the autumn and winter darkness falls hard and fast. I know it isn't spring just yet, but I feel that winter has begun to release it's grip on us even though it may only be temporary. After all, it is only March and living in Minnesota we all know that March can bring with it some brutal snow storms.

So I rode to my heart's content and until my legs started having difficulty pushing the big ol' Pugsley up some of the larger hills. After three hours I called it quits, but I was satisfied. My legs were tired, my mind was clear and fresh, and I was hungry and thirsty.

A dear friend of mine had left me a message on my cell phone. The message read, "I know you are loving life right now and that makes me very happy for you." She is right. I am loving life right now. Despite all its complexities and troubles life truly is good right now. I am very fortunate to have found a passion outside my profession that allows me to get away and enjoy myself while at the same time challenges my body, mind, and of course my bank account.

I, like many others, have a tendency to take things for granted at times. However, I do realize how truly fortunate and blessed I am to have the life I do have along with all the people in it.
"Ghost Rider"

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coastkid said...

that was a lovely post bill...
the sky is fantastic,i often stop and lie on my back on clear nights and stargaze...