Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Infinity and Beyond

I spent about two and a half hours last night riding snow on the trails up at the local park. After a high temp of 38 F the trails had firmed up rather quickly after sunset and were like hard packed snow highways in a short while.
I started out just after sunset and rode steadily until the moon began to rise. It was then I found a spot to rest, have some hot chocolate, and play with the camera. I felt like a kid out there in the woods. Just relaxing and enjoying an absolutely beautiful evening. Along the way I listened to the ancient tunes of R. Carlos Nakai's Canyon Trilogy CD. Stunningly beautiful and relaxing music. There is a story, from a hiking trip in a canyon outside of Phoeniz, AZ, that goes with this which I'll have to tell at a later time.
During my little rest stop I decided to play around with my camera and check out some of its other capabilities. I finally decided to carry a tiny tripod in my frame bag. Something I haven't done in quite sometime. The experiment was fun and the images, well, not too bad for a point and shoot camera. I've always loved photography, and I think it may be time to invest in an SLR digital camera so I can have the full capabilities of really creative photography once again.
Movement, light, and photography can always be fun and can provide you with some unique images. Throw in the Pugsley, some great trails, and a beautiful winter night and the possibilities are seemingly endless...

Infinity and Beyond

Looking forward to seeing what tonight brings.

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Joboo said...

Riding at night makes even the trail you know by heart seem totally new!!
What can be better? Being able to find your lights, that's what would be better!!!!! After we moved this past Nov. I'm still looking through boxes for my handlebar lights, riding with just my helmet headlight, doesn't cut it for me.

Peace, Joe