Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Losing Some Focus, but Not Hope...

I'm having a hard time forgetting this past weekend. So I've decided to post a few more photos of what is likely to be the last snow bike ride of the season for me in northern Minnesota. Oh sure, there is always that possibility of one of those famous "Tournament Snow Storms" Minnesotans are so familiar with. With the state hockey and basketball tournaments looming on the horizon the chances are always there of a strong final blast of winter.
Then of course there is the fact that last year during the first week of April some places in the far north received 22 inches of heavy wet snow. How I would have loved to be part of that. For me however it's over. With a trip to Mexico and the beaches and ancient ruins of the Yucatan Peninsula just around the corner, this will be the last I see of northern Minnesota for awhile. At least from the seat of a bike.
My day Saturday was filled with six hours of pedaling through some of the most beautiful scenery the area north of my home town has to offer and I often wonder how many of the people who live there take this all for granted. I'm sure there are those that do, and I know that there are many who would never think of venturing into this area on a bike in the summer let alone in the heart of winter. They truly don't know what they are missing.
The trails treated me to mile after mile of winter's beauty and every mile of the the trail offered something different.
The sky reminded of the skies you see in photos of the Caribbean or from our trip several years ago to Cabo San Lucas.
For six hours I experienced nothing but silence. Only the sound of the fat tires rolling over the snow or the occasional blue jay, gray jay, or chickadee. I had my iPod along as I usually do, but only listened for short periods of time.
This photo is the last one I took before getting back to my car and heading into town to meet my brothers and friends for an evening of fun. A hot shower at my parents, some homemade soup, followed by indoor bocce ball, some cold beers, a lot of laughs with friends, and possibly some live music down the street. Little did any of us know how this night would end. Lord knows that none of us in our small town could even imagine or fathom the tragedy that fate would bring. Right now my thoughts are on those back home who were witness to it or know those that were involved and are left to put back the pieces.


Doug said...

Those warm, 22" snowfalls in April really aren't rideable, even on a Pugsley. So you didn't miss anything.

Ali B. said...

no more snow.
no more snow.
no more snow.
The dirt roads are clear over here & the sun was out for 8 days .. STRAIGHT! Am I still in Northern Michigan? ahhh!

Enjoy the spring-like days to come and the springing forward this weekend!