Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring Equinox Cycling

Saturday's four hour ride took me west once again and into farm country. Miles of soft wet trails made the going somewhat slow and messy, but it was fun none the less. I left the trail for a taste of the gravel roads this area has to offer.
Most of the gravel was relatively dry and firm which made for some very good riding. Throw in the numerous hills these gravel roads have to offer and it makes for a really good grind, especially if you're pushing a single speed.

The day was chilly, with a windchill temp of 19 (F) when I hit the trail and high temp of around 39 (F) by the time my ride was done around mid-afternoon. The brilliant blue skies and the fact that it was the spring equinox made it feel warmer.
With the frost still coming up out of the ground conditions on the trail were wet and soft as noted earlier. This of course will make for some serious bike cleaning at some point in the coming week.
Once back on the trail I pedaled my way west to Watertown before turning around for the ride back to the trailhead parking lot. The hours and the miles seemed to go by quickly.
The warm temps and quick snow melt have once again brought the usual spring time flooding to the area. County highway 92 in Lyndale and much of the farmland has been left under water.Along with the fact that this was the equinox we were also treated to a beautiful moon which was in conjunction with the star cluster Pleiades. Quite a beautiful sight in the evening skies after sunset and a great way to start off the spring cycling season.

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