Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Very Sad Condition...

Photo by Brent Ruybalid Courtesy of Bike Carson

Those of us who are serious enough about cycling also are aware that a good many serious cyclists also are serious about the beer that they drink. Many, including myself, like to indulge ourselves in a cold beverage after a long hard ride. We have that special little fridge out in the garage or down in the basement that is often times filled with our favorite beverages of choice.
Now, the photo above provides us with a very good example of a properly stocked cyclist's beer fridge. Yes indeed it a sight to behold those beautiful ice cold rewards.
Now, this photo happens to my special beer fridge which has taken up permanent residence in the garage or as my brother "The Spaghetti Man" would call it, "The Man House." I love pulling into the garage after a long hot evening ride during the summer and knowing that I will have an ice cold beer waiting for me. However, I have been negligent and my fridge is in a very, very, sad condition....
The damn thing sits EMPTY!!! I'm embarrassed by this and promise to rectify this situation ASAP.

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