Friday, July 30, 2010

A Door in the Forest...

On Thursday, while riding the first part of an intended route I plan on taking Saturday, I stumbled upon this door in the forest. I thought it somewhat unusual that someone would just take a door and prop it up in the forest.
Was there some significance to this? Something magical perhaps? I wasn't really sure, but I was curious enough so I passed over to the other side. This is what I found...

It wasn't magical, but it certainly was a beautiful day on the bike.
Colorful fungus was growing everywhere.
There were bridges to be crossed and...
Many roads to be followed.
Maybe it was magical after all.
Along the way there were cautions to be taken.
Fortunately there was no danger to be found along the way.Only more beauty for the eyes to behold.
Along this long and winding road home.

1 comment:

Joboo said...

you out did yourself with this post!!
Nicely done Sir!!
Peace, Joe