Sunday, August 1, 2010

Gentle Showers and Quiet Forests

Friday provided me with yet another marvelous opportunity. A chance to ride through quiet forests in a nice gentle rain. It truly was wonderfully relaxing and so much fun to just get out and ride.Minutes into the ride the showers began to fall and it was absolutely refreshing. I had packed a light Gore Tex rain jacket but decided to not bother with it. With the heat and humidity Minnesota has been experiencing this light rain was a welcome relief. I also had an opportunity to use some newly acquired gear, Granite Gear Drysacks.Riding through this light rain caused me to think back to my days of distance running and the joy I would experience on those long rainy training runs. Understand of course that I really don't appreciate being out in a downpour.
As always there was plenty to see along the way. Birds, deer, and wildflowers were abundant.
How could it possible get any better than this. Accept for the songs of birds, chatter of chipmunks, and the rain falling through the trees, the woods were absolutely quiet.
A brief moment of shelter from the rain.
Nature's Cathedral. I just can't enough of the northern boreal forests.
Along with the the regularly maintained forest roads there are miles and miles of minimum maintenance roads that offer a cyclist worlds of opportunities for riding.
Some of these roads interconnect with others and some just go on until they narrow into impassible, muddy, and overgrown paths in the woods.If you're a cyclist and love the forest how can you possibly beat this.

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