Friday, July 9, 2010

"Just when I thought I was out..."

About a month or so ago someone asked me if I would be watching the Tour de France this year. My response was somewhat vague, but I did give the impression that I wasn't really all that interested and would probably only watch several of the mountain stages. These are generally my favorite and I do find the flat spring stages and TT's rather boring.

Well after watching the carnage that took place in the first three stages I'm once again totally wrapped up in it. Does Lance have a chance? He may very well have lost this tour in stage three with a puncture at the worst possible time. The Alps are looming on the approaching horizon with two mountain top finishes this weekend in stages 7 and 8. Then stage 9 on Tuesday...ass kicker. This is where I believe the drama will truly unfold and I believe the Alps will determine who is still in and who is out of contention.

In this race 50 seconds is a lot of time to overcome and of course I will be watching.

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coastkid said...

i too wasnt going to watch the tour this year.along with formula 1 but after the crashes it has been quite good viewing !